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Believes that an effective communication strategy contributes to a positive perception of your company, builds stronger relations with your host country, increases your ability to expand operations and ultimately generates greater profits.

CrossCultures Consulting specializes in North America-Mexico relationship building

Mexico is a challenging place to do business, with many pitfalls. Key decision-makers in government and the private sector pass judgment and make major decisions based on available information, which is more often than not extremely limited and inaccurate. To overcome that get your point across early. You need to be connected before a crisis occurs. Corporate communications and government relations is a full-time business for a foreign company here. You deserve a communications company that understands the challenges and the opportunities of doing business in Mexico. We’ve been that ¨friend¨ to many US and Canadian companies opening offices here or expanding. Let us help you position your company with the right people in the right sector.


  • Thomas Eckert

    A motivated, personable business professional with twenty years experience in Mexico, Latin and North America, Thomas Eckert is a fluent, Spanish speaking Canadian-born communications specialist who has dedicated his life to helping new business ventures grow by breaking down cross-cultural barriers.

    As the founder of CrossCultures Consulting, (CCC), Thomas draws on his experience as an ex journalist, and his strong understanding of regional politics and communication. He served as the executive producer for CBC Latin America, foreign correspondent for Fox News and NBC, and later moved into business development and sales roles for Canadian and US companies opening offices in Mexico or Latin America. Thomas specializes in providing advice and communications for natural resource, Software, Technology and manufacturing companies operating on Mexican soil. He is practiced in the art of government relations, cultivating relationships through lobbying as well as expanding markets in a business development capacity.


    Xavier Sorondo

    is a fully bilingual, multicultural consultant with 23 years experience developing strategic plans for foreign and mexican companies in the area of corporate communications and public relations. With proven experience developing publicity campaigns, promos and public relations campaigns for clients within the Finance, Automotive, Hotel and Restaurant, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical and high end consumer products, Xavier is a high performing addition to the team. Whatever the project may be, Xavier looks to establish a solid relationship between clients and prospects with local editors and journalists in an effort to make use of the most relevant Media outlets. Key to his solution is his attention to detail, understanding the problem and desired results before acting that leads to positive and balanced media campaign for your business.


    Rodolfo Rosales

    Is a fully bilingual associate of CrossCultures Consulting with an illustrious 8 year track record in executive coaching, communications and eBusiness training. Rodolfo has sixteen years of experience with PeopleSoft as an eBusiness training consultant helping clients make the most of software applications they use in the workspace. Rodolfo's multicultural client base has put him in contact with different cultures and regions around the world including South America, the Caribbean, the United States as well as Mexico where he has helped executives transition to their new environments. His "out-of-the-box" thinking combined with an analytical mind and active listening skills have consistently allowed him to surpass customer expectations. His references speak volumes. Originally the founder of IHR Sibils SC, a firm dedicated to implementing strategic coaching solutions for executives facing complex business challenges, Roberto's clients include BDF Biersdorf, Stihl and KPMG. He joins CrossCultures as a welcome consultant on a case by case basis.


Corporate Communications
Smart companies know that a strong, bicultural, corporate communications strategy is an essential part of the package when you parachute into a new territory. An effective communications strategy gives you direct access to the right people in the media, more accurate messaging and the ability to understand legal, political and social changes in Mexico as they unfold. It allows you faster and easier access to key decision-makers and provides a positive influence on environmental, permitting and corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues. A strong communications strategy enhances your company’s reputation in the eyes of local communities, employees and suppliers.
Government Relations
Effectively navigating the maze of government agencies or contacting stakeholders in Mexico saves you time and money. Educating government officials about your company’s requirements and educating yourself about how the government works, can help stave off harmful legislation or misunderstandings. CrossCultures Consulting can recommend who to contact, when and in what area of government, and set up meetings with the right sources at the Federal, State or Municipal level.
Community Relations
In North America and Mexico, local communities are more active in issues regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR). Getting the word out now on CSR projects costs you less in the long run than bad media coverage does. Adopting the right strategy impacts the market value of your company. We can help manage those relationships.
Public Relations / Event Management
Planning events to persuade the public, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders to support your business or adopt a certain point of view is critical to growing your business in Mexico. Here the media needs to be told about your “good intention” efforts. It is they, as the third party, who will mold your business's reputation. To assist our clients, CrossCultures Consulting has partnered with two of the largest P.R. companies in Mexico to ensure press conferences, site tours, conferences et al. are carried out with professionalism and success, to reach your target audience.
Investor Relations
Looking to raise money outside of your home country? Investors, analysts and fund managers in Mexico represent a fresh pool of potential investment, and communicating with them makes good business sense. Having a strong contact list can also help you put together a road show for finding seed money that much faster. CrossCultures Consulting helps your organization create key corporate events with simultaneous translation as required.
Media Relations/Brand Management
The goal of media relations anywhere is maximizing positive coverage in the media and not having to pay for it. But there is no guarantee your story will be published. That’s where CrossCultures Consulting helps: by cultivating ongoing relationships with journalists, bloggers, tweeters and other opinion formers. Building an effective communications strategy in Mexico requires knowing the newspaper, magazine or industry newsletters and selectronic and social media and being able to turn to a deep Rolodex of local media and government contacts. LET US HELP. That comes only through many years of living and working in Mexico.

Soft Landing

  • Soft Landing Services are what every company needs to think of prior to and during the opening of an office in a new country. CCC, through a wide network of contacts, can help your business choose the best, fastest and most cost effective solutions for starting up in Mexico. We are effective in:


    We work with your company to find the best location to open offices. There may be a cluster of similar companies operating on the border for example, or near Mexico City. We delineate the pros and cons of any area chosen: accesibility to ports, land transportation, infrastructure support, housing, security, crime issues etc..


    Fundamental to all future decisions. What kind of legal status will your company go under? Limited, Incorporated., etc.. This decision affects your tax structure. In Spanish these are called S.A. or S.A. de C.V. among others. It is extremely important to have a trusted legal firm here to avoid misunderstandings and overcharging. We can recommend and coordinate communications with a recommended law office and notary public setting up the calls ahead of time.


    Will you sell to Mexico with a sales team based in Canada? Will you hire on the ground in Mexico? Will this be a subsidiary operation or Joint Venture? Do you want to manufacture under licenses and have Canadian companies receive royalties? We can help explore alternative options through distributors and suppliers. CCC investigates and provides you a list of who the best ones are in your field based on client ownership and amount of sales/reputation. Having prior knowledge helps you take effective decisions


    CCC can help network with and contact influential or necessary government or union contacts. Having quality meetings with the right government contact is key to breaking logjams in certain sectors. We can help with simultaneous interpretation and set-up quality time meetings with equity players.


    Are you concerned about security? CCC will network you with the best foreign or Mexican firms that provide you the "best practices" on what your employees should avoid. That may just be a presentation on what foreign employees should know about the city they operate in right up to hiring body guards and security consultancy and training for executives.


    Too many foreign companies get stuck with liabilities and court cases in the Mexican labour market. We can help you avoid the pitfalls by recommending the right outsourcing companies that will find the employees you need and take care of all payments freeing you up to get to the task at hand.


    Tales of customs shenanigans and red tape are legion. It is best to have one or two trusted customs agents that help a company in all of its importation/exportation requirements. It builds trust and avoids overcharging and red tape. CCC can make those recommendations for you.


    In the case where you need media coverage, CCC organizes press conferences, private meetings or media tours with both North American or Mexican media outlets to get key messages out there. Allow us to help your in-house PR team or take charge of the project 100%.

Bilateral Relationship

Ever since the signing of the NAFTA (free trade) deal in 1994, between the U.S., Canada and Mexico, the number of North American companies operating in Mexico has grown exponentially year after year. The cultural differences are enormous and doing business here means cultivating and growing relationships before a deal is closed. That takes time. Where a marketing strategy works in Canada, it may not in Mexico. CrossCultures Consulting draws on years of experience working in Mexico in both business development and communications to level the field, avoid misunderstandings and open the lines of communication so your business can grow as fast as possible.



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